Friday, 1 February 2013

PSAM and RO3

So how’s it going y’all? J

So far we’ve learned about the aperture, shutter speed , ISO and exposure triangle bagai…

Now let’s talk a little bit about composition method…

Oh! By the way, I didn’t tell you guy’s anything about the P, S, A and M mode (P, Tv, Av and M for Canon users) assuming that you guys have read the camera manuals…

But here I give you briefly about the modes (just a flash view okay J )

P, S(Tv) and  A(Av) modes are partially manual modes
P mode – means program mode, where you can set the ISO and the exposure compensation while the camera would decide on itself which aperture and shutter speed to be used.

S or Tv mode – Shutter priority mode (Time value for Canon users), is a mode where you can set the shutter speed, ISO and the exposure compensation while the camera would decide on itself which aperture to be used.


A or AV mode – which means aperture priority (Aperture value for Canon users) … (please tell me in the comment if this is boring…ahaha…) …this is where you can set the aperture while the camera would decide on itself which shutter speed to be used J

While M mode means Manual exposure mode …
This is one big pain for new users ahaha…
Here everything is manually programmed
It’s quite hard to set the exposure manually but here’s a tip for you guys

- Well if you are set to use which aperture or shutter speed, go for A(Av) or S(Tv) mode first.
From there you can see the shutter speed or aperture set automatically by your camera and from there you can work on your manual exposure setting J

Easy right? J

Okay…. That was quite long….

Well… Let’s get to our main topic!!!

The composition method that I want to teach you guys is the “Rule Of Thirds”
The easiest, simplest, (and some say possibly oldest?) to improve your photography
No matter what camera you are using…on your ohhseemmm phone…

For me this is essential to every photographer…
Well… if they wanna get their composition better :p

Actually I don’t really have a word to teach you this….
See this ?

Well basically rule of thirds involve putting your subject along the line or in the intersection of the line…

oh have to "imagine" the line...sure..there aren't no lines on your viewfinder...except for the live view mode...some camera models does have this function...

Like this….

See those images? That’s what I meant.

Now here are some tips:

1.       In portrait photography, use the horizontal grid line to place people’s eyes or in group shot, people’s heads. Well..that wasn’t so hard…
2.       Use the vertical grid lines for things like trees, waterfalls, specific aspects of architecture, or just a person with a background behind them.
3.       Try to get specific focal points onto the corners of that middle square (onto the red dots in the grid above).
4.       Don't be a perfectionist! The rule is a guide. But don't feel the focal points must be on exactly the grid lines or corner points. This leads me neatly onto . . .
5.       The last tip! BREAK THE RULE J

Well…penat bace jauh2 pastu suruh break the rule????
Ahaha no lah :p

Basically 80% of shooting condition needs this technique…at least is produce better photos in the 80% conditions…ahaha
But then sometimes you need to be creative…
Please don’t let these rules be some kind of constriction to your creativity

Go out and experiment a bit!
You’re not using films anyway J

That’s all I guess… if there’re anything to ask or anything to comment or even suggestions…
Feel free to ask or tell me…
You can drop your comments/questions down here… or at my facebook J

I hope this will be a big help for your photography J


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